(Unagi is actually a dish made of eel, which I have no intention of eating)

Welcome, I'm Rodrigo Casanovas (actually Rodrigo Casanovas de Barros Cavalcanti, but ain't nobody got time for that).

People started me Ross in college, and there was nothing I could ever do to make them stop, so I've embraced it. Also, some people call me Casa/Casanovas, fewer call me Bob, one or another calls me Rô, and my brother calls me Gui. Feel free to choose one or to create another nickname.

Currently Senior Copywriter @ Talent (Publicis Group)

Linkedin / ross.cbc@gmail.com / +55 11 99544.0568

Thanks for coming =)
Stuff I kind of am:

Couch musician / Family cook / Bad joke aficionado / Crappy music admirer / Gif enthusiast / Proverbial phrase inventor / Irony addict / Heavy slash user

Stuff I've got luck with:

Cannes Lions / D&AD / The One Show / New York Festivals / London International Awards / Effie Latam & Brasil / El Ojo / FIAP / CCSP / Wave Festival / Caples Awards / The Gerety Awards / Cresta Awards / AdForum Phnx Tribute Awards / PAC Awards / Creative Pool Annual / Brazilian Advertising Festival / Lürzer's Archive / Won a purse at a bingo once / Won R$10 on scratch-off twice