Ipiranga is one of the biggest filling station companies in Brazil. It's historically famous for making irreverent, pop, culture-bending campaigns, and has been building an image of completeness in the minds and hearts of Brazilians for decades. In 2024 we got the chance to create Ipiranga's new positioning and went for the best place to get insights: the filling station. We Brazilians say an extremely common phrase when asking the attendant to fill the tank: completa pra mim (literally "complete for me", in context "fill up for me"). 
For the brand, this sentence fits perfectly because it refers to the literal and metaphorical meaning. Ipiranga "completes" the tank, but also almost every aspect of a person's route, no matter how they're going, to keep them going. As a countrywide popular brand, it has to resonate with most people, and what better way to conquer anyone's heart than with fun, upbeat, catchy music? So that's what we did, in a way only Ipiranga could. (sorry, portuguese only)

TALENT / 2024